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Clematis Foliage Stem
    Green Rosehip Stem in 1colour
    Green Rosehip Stem

    Green Rosehip Stem


      Oak Leaf Branch in 1colour
      Oak Leaf Branch

      Oak Leaf Branch


        Fresh Fern Collection in 1colour
        Fresh Fern Collection
          Green Sea Holly Stem
            Eucalyptus Bundle
              Fern Stem

              Fern Stem


                Large Boxwood Ball Topiary
                  Spanish Moss Stem
                    Maple Leaf Bonsai in 1colour
                    Maple Leaf Bonsai
                      Green Sorbus Stem
                        3ft Potted Grass
                          Orchid Ikebana Arrangement
                            4ft Juniper Tree in 1colour
                            4ft Juniper Tree
                              Dog Tail Fern Stem
                                  Green Hydrangea Stem
                                    Jasmine Leaf Stem
                                      Mimosa Leaf Spray
                                        Set of 3 Variegated Ivy Balls
                                          Thistle Wreath in 1colour
                                          Thistle Wreath

                                          Thistle Wreath


                                            Rubber Plant
                                              Polka Dot Hanging Basket
                                                Medium Boxwood Ball Topiary
                                                  Withered Moss Stem
                                                    Safari Pine Stem
                                                      Sea Holly Bouquet
                                                        Mistletoe Stem in 1colour
                                                        Mistletoe Stem

                                                        Mistletoe Stem


                                                          Faux Bois Collection
                                                            Hampshire Planter
                                                              Hanging Basket with 3 Plants