About Us

Bloom is the country's leading silk flower retailer and part of the largest mail order company in the UK. But the 'seeds' were planted in California. On a trip to Los Angeles, Tiffany saw a new generation of artificial flowers. A million miles from the crude, mass-produced plastic versions that were generally available, these were beautifully designed, painstakingly made and amazingly realistic. For her it was a 'wow' moment. Unlike any faux flowers she'd seen before, they were - quite simply - a revelation, and an inspiration...


At the time, Tiffany was working as a stylist, art directing photographic shoots for a range of clients including The Sunday Times, Simpsons of Piccadilly, The Royal Opera House and Gardens Illustrated. But whether the commission was for Wedgwood or Dulux, Next or Elle Decoration, it was obvious that flowers not only enlivened but really transformed an interior - lifting the mood and creating an atmosphere that was warm, natural and inviting.


The clients agreed, and would spend thousands at some of the most fashionable (and expensive) West End florists. And when, after the shoot, she gave them (the clients that is, not the florists) the flowers as bouquets, beautifully wrapped in craft paper, they were delighted. But no surprises there - it's a well-know fact that flowers make people happy.


Now if the happiness that flowers bring could last - not just for a week or so, but for years - that would be wonderful. And so, with sunny memories of LA to encourage them, Tiffany and her husband Laurent started Bloom. The location was a old woollen mill in West Wales - not as glamorous as Sunset Boulevard but a bit more practical - where they took orders by day and made and packed the flowers overnight.


That was back in 1999, and in the following twentyyears Bloom has gone from strength to strength. Now located in the Cotswolds and grown a lot, the original principles still hold true. That's why every Bloom stem, posy, bouquet and arrangement is carefully researched, individually designed, and made by hand. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and because we love flowers, we know faithful imitation is the only way to ensure that our silk flowers are as beautiful as the real thing. And as lifelike... with one exception. Bloom silk flowers will still be looking 'picked this morning fresh' not just next month or next season, but next year and for years to come.

Bloom forms part of the largest group of independent specialist catalogues in the country but is still family-owned and run. The parent group – Scotts & Co. (Scotts Ltd) – now manages customer service and order fulfilmenton behalf of several other specialist catalogues. The group includes some of Britain’s best-known catalogue retailers including Scotts of Stow and Gift Discoveries. Each of these businesses retains its unique character, but with the backing of a group that understands the importance of diversity in catalogue and online retailing.

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